FAQs – Pet On Shirt


Frequently Asked Questions

How many pet photo can I upload?
As of this time, only 1 pet will be printed per shirt. We are still working on other shirt designs to accommodate multiple pet photos on a single shirt.

How will I know if my photo is okay to upload?
Good lighting is very important. Make sure that your photo is a good quality photo. Good lighting in your photo will produce good quality print.

Can you print any type of pet?
Yes! any pet will do.

Can you print human photo?
Yes! We print it as well as long as it is suitable for your chosen design.

Can I NOT put my pet's name on the shirt?
Yes, just inform us by putting an instruction in the additional instructions form when ordering.

My packaged was returned to sender how do I get it re-shipped?
The most common reason why your package is returned to us is because of an invalid address. If there was a mistake on the address, the shipping provider will not be able to locate it. Please, contact our support team at support@petonshirt.com so we can re-ship the package.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the artwork?
Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds for not liking the artwork. We only offer refunds if the item is damaged or is missing.

How can I tracked my order?
A tracking number and a link will be provided to you in your Shipping Confirmation email to track your order.

Do you send a preview of the design before you print it on a shirt?
Yes, you have the option to receive a preview on your email of the design before printing it. Customers have a 24 hours to confirm if the design is ready to print. If 24 hours have passed and no response from customer, we will then proceed with printing the design on the shirt.


Could not find what you're looking for? Contact Pet On Shirt Support at support@petonshirt.com.